hendrik vermeulen -book - xyrtox liquid

Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Xyrtox Liquid'

The title of the book refers to a walk along the same named river which can be found on the imaginary map the artist uses. The Xyrtox Liquid connects his working zones. The artist stays ‘in’ the landscape of the map to find & discover his source material, which mainly emphasizes on the fragility of human beings in time & space. That’s the way his inner landscape emerges. Simultaneously the concept of this book is also a walk through his work, with plates of the map, panels, sculptures, installations & performance.

64 pages, 19,5 x 27,5 cm, color plates, bound.

200 copies.

Text by Fiorella Stinders [download the text]

Print by Sint-Joris Oostakker april 2013

Design by Efraïm Sebrechts & Rebecca Vangestel

ISBN: 9789076831244

This book costs € 24, sending included, and can be ordered via info@hendrikvermeulen.be

hendrik vermeulen  - book - vodgetijden

Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Vodgetijden'

This catalogue was presented on the occasion of my exhibition 'Vodgetijden', in Light Cube Gallery, Ronse [B], from 30 august to 3 october 2015.

56 pages, 19,5 x 20 cm, color plates, soft cover, glued

100 copies.

Text by Daan Rau download the text
Print & design by Grafoman, Ronse [B]

This book costs € 24, sending included, and is available via info@hendrikvermeulen.be

hendrik vermeulen  - book - et dieu créa l'ascenseur

Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Et Dieu créa l’ascenseur'

This catalogue concerning a selection of drawings from 1987 to 2017, was presented on october 1st  2017 in The Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Ghent [B]. This happening included a solo exhibition of recent drawings.

128 pages, 22 x 31 cm, black & white + color plates, hard cover, bound.

500 copies.

Text [Dutch] by Inge Braeckman, translation [English] by Dirk Verbiest & Albert Gomperts
Design by Thomas Soete
Photography by Dominique Provost
Printed & published by Lannoo, Tielt [B] in cooperation with The Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Amsterdam / Ghent

ISBN 9789401447645

This book costs € 37 and is available since 3 october 2017 in various [art]bookshops in Belgium & the Netherlands

hendrik vermeulen  - book - veldstation  field station


This book is a photographic report of my practice in full nature from august 14 2019 'till february 23 2020 [year 54-55]. I focused on the theme 'inner time versus clock time' and expressed this in text, drawing, watercolour, sculpture & film. The field station Pikilonia is a part of my cosmogony of places.

A selection of these drawings can be seen on this page

Each book contains also an original drawing by myself, and an original polaroid by Filip Van Den Rijse.

Pictures by Parcifal Neyt & Hendrik Vermeulen

Design by Parcifal Neyt

70 copies.

36 pages, A4, black & white, stapled

Cover in screen print & off set pages by Parcifal Neyt, digital print by 3 Plus, Ghent.

Published by Dirty Old Dog, Ghent

This book costs € 40, and can be ordered since 1st march 2020 via Dirty Old Dog
Hendrik Vermeulen: book  Panoramox



This is a road book. Travelling from field station Basis to field station Panoramox, I made several photographs while flying & walking. After building field station Panoramox I started  registering the environment & my thoughts via drawings, writings, objects, sculptures. This book is a personal report of this whole process.

Pictures, text & design by Hendrik Vermeulen

42 pages, 20 x 26,5 cm, soft cover, digital print, glued

70 copies.

Printed by 3 Plus, Ghent [B]

Published by Dirty Old Dog, Ghent [B] in collaboration with Arteventura foundation, Aracena [ES]

See also 'Con las pies en la tierra'

This book costs € 15 and can be ordered since july 1st 2021 via Dirty Old Dog
Hendrik Vermeulen: Veldstation X



A limited reproduction of the field book that I used while working under and around my field station called 'Veldstation X'. It was a kind of canopy, first built on the roof of my outdoor studio and then removed  to the domain of 'Pijpketel - Art Space', Flemish Ardens, Belgium. This book contains a large number of drawn impressions and photographic associations as an attempt to show the working process over a period of 10 months [nov 2020 - aug 2021].

Pictures, text, design: Hendrik Vermeulen

164 pages, 21 x 28 cm, soft cover, digital print, glued.

10 copies.

Printed by Basic Design, Ghent [B]

Published in collaboration with domain Pijpketel, Zottegem [B]

see also exhibitions
This book costs € 75 and can be ordered via the contact form of this website.