Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Et Dieu créa l’ascenseur'

Hendrik Vermeulen: 'Et Dieu créa l’ascenseur'

This catalogue concerning a selection of drawings from 1987 to 2017, was presented on october 1st  2017 in The Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Ghent [B]. This happening included a solo exhibition of recent drawings.

128 pages, 22 x 31 cm, black & white + color plates, hard cover, bound.

500 copies.

Text [Dutch] by Inge Braeckman, translation [English] by Dirk Verbiest & Albert Gomperts
Design by Thomas Soete
Photography by Dominique Provost
Printed & published by Lannoo, Tielt [B] in cooperation with The Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Amsterdam / Ghent

ISBN 9789401447645

This book costs € 37, and is available since 3 october 2017 in various [art]bookshops in Belgium & the Netherlands